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Community Welfare Development



Gunung Kidul is one of the poor regions located in karst, barren, and rocky hills, along the southern shore of Yogyakarta province. Between the rocks in unproductive soil, Jatropha plants grow, as remains of Japanese occupation era in the 1940s.
They grow wild, surviving tens of years without nurture reflecting high growth potency, thus very suitable to be cultivated in Gunung Kidul or other critical land. Jatropha curcas can be cultivated in non productive empty land, as polyculture with teakwood, as fence in houses or alongside of the road, without interfering other productive land.
Jatropha curcas seed is the main raw material in high quality Biofuel processing to be blended with conventional fossil-based fuel for diesel engines and burners on stationary electric generator or transportation.

As part of its CSR, Pura participates in the community welfare development program by facilitating Jatropha curcas cultivation and processing of Jatropha curcas seed, as raw material in Biofuel production in Gunung Kidul and its surroundings.

Pura provides seeding facility, cultivation training, and distributes free Jatropha curcas seedlings among the people. Pura guarantees to buy back of all seeds harvested while planting, nurturing, and harvesting will be carried out independently by the people.

To realize this program, Pura cooperates with farmers groups, cooperatives, and village officials. Currently the cultivation has covered approximately 50,000 hectares involving thousands of people.

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In supporting the empowerment program for farmers and fishermen, Pura cooperates with Marine Faculty of Diponegoro University and local Fishery Department in conducting Grouper fish cultivation training program in Karimunjawa waters.

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Pura provides assistance to community groups and cooperatives focusing on endogenous development of the human resources potency through development of small business groups such as the production of book covers from paper sludge and paving block or bricks from coal ash.

Paper production from paper sludge
Paving block production

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Pura Group

Over the years, Pura Group has grown to be an integrated group of companies consisting of printing, packaging, papermaking, converting, engineering, anti counterfeiting, and electronic card & labeling technologies businesses. Thanks to the constant innovation and hard work of our dedicated employees, we are now in the lead of the expanding and ubiquitously comprehensive printing & packaging industry across Southeast Asia.

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Creating Value Through Innovation

Our culture is defined by ongoing innovation and breakthrough conception. The driving force behind the projects pursued throughout the entire organization, this culture is Pura corporate culture – one that is at the core of our business philosophy.

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