Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology that will revolutionize industry in near future.  Pura Group also preparing to master nano technology by pioneering research, development and industrial application in the field which become core business of Pura Group which are paper, printing, packaging and converting.

In nanotechnology, we use nano size particle (1 nano = 0.001 micron), which could have different characteristic from it’s macro size state. In this nano size state, material tends to be transparent.. The specialties of this technology are the manufacturing process of nano particle and application process of nanoparticle contained chemical.

One of our researches is to make Solar Window Film using nanotechnology approach. We promote the use of nanoparticle contained material to give required optical functions of a good solar window film, which are high visible light transmission (vlt) value (more transparent) but with high InfraRed cut and UV-block value.

Application :

  • car window (car windshield and side windows)  
  • building window
  • house window


  • high visible light transmission (vlt) value ( > 65 % )
  • high ir-cut value ( > 60 % )
  • high uv-block value( >90% )


  • giving convenient environment  
  • improve air conditioner efficiency in day time.
  • efficient light usage in building since high vlt value.
  • Protecting from heat of infra red rays and harmful of ultraviolet rays.

Pura Group

Over the years, Pura Group has grown to be an integrated group of companies consisting of printing, packaging, papermaking, converting, engineering, anti counterfeiting, and electronic card & labeling technologies businesses. Thanks to the constant innovation and hard work of our dedicated employees, we are now in the lead of the expanding and ubiquitously comprehensive printing & packaging industry across Southeast Asia.

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Creating Value Through Innovation

Our culture is defined by ongoing innovation and breakthrough conception. The driving force behind the projects pursued throughout the entire organization, this culture is Pura corporate culture – one that is at the core of our business philosophy.

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