Fishery Machinery

Indonesian is an archipelago country and 60% of the area in sea. Because of that condition, Indonesia has high potential in fishery, which is about 65 million ton/year. Because of traditional handling of fish by the fisherman (by using block ice which is smashed), the effect is:

  1. The fish is wound by sharp smashed ice
  2. The different level of cooler

The fish will not fresh if it storage in long duration, the effect is the fish is cannot accepted in export market and the selling price will low.

To show our car about that condition, we offer the solution:
  1. We give training to the fisherman about the handling catch fish with correct method and correct instrument.
    1. By using ice flakes that more soft and dry, that will not wound the fish and will cooler the fish with the same level.


    2. Theory and practices of the frozen for the catch fish in order to rise the quality of the catch fish
  2. We also prepare the medium of ice flake for rise the quality of fish
    1. Low operation cost
    2. Low price because lower operation cost
    3. Independent power supply (Diesel machine)
  3. Cold storage


Up grade Quality

  1. Health factor, because ice flake is more hygiene
  2. More durable

Our Strength:

  1. Smaller consume power
  2. Quicker start up (only 10 minutes)
  3. Continue production process
  4. Can be movable
  5. Hygiene process
  6. Can equipped in ship with sea water row material
  7. Easy to operate and treatment
  8. Can operate in all weather
  9. Guarantee
  10. Available in 0,35 T/day to 60 T/day

The Applications:

  • Fishery
  • Processing fishery product
  • Animal husbandry and processing meat
  • Supermarket
  • Restaurant
  • Corps
  • Hospital
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction
  • Etc

Designed as the most compact, flexible, simplified and high capacity cooling system of the fishery and farming (and any other fresh required products) storage, the machines gives the maximum fresh performance of the products for the most economical and commercial revenue.

The product is provided along with pre sales, after sales and training services of operational and maintenance, efficiency and cost knowledge, and effective commercial relationship at the theoretical and practical integrated training center facilities.

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