Speciality Paper

Bible (Holy Book) Paper

Bible Paper is a special fine paper for printing Bible, Quran or any holy book. Special characteristic of this paper are high opacity, high brightness, low porosity and high strength.
Base Paper of CTP (Cigarette Tipping Paper)
CTP is a special thin paper used for printing cigarette filter wrapper. This paper is high opacity, low porosity and high strength.

Parchment Paper (Samson Kraft Color)
Parchment paper is a paper for making thread cone, applied on the outer layer of the cone. The different colors of this paper are for easy detection of the kinds of thread being used. The characteristics of this paper are high strength, oil repellent, very low porosity, high transparence and color withstand against oil.

Fancy Paper and Board
With is printability characteristic and has “artistic” value, fancy paper is commonly used for book cover, brochures, high grade of hanging file, or to be re-processed by embossing machine for invitation card. Special feature might also be applied to increase the artistic value.

Color Board
This board is colored board that is smooth, permanent and stable color characteristic, with more than 20 colors range choice.

Chain Laid Paper

Gypsum Board / Plaster Board
This board is applied on a top and bottom cover of gypsum, commonly used for ceiling.

Saturated Kraft Paper and Board
This paper and board are used for melamine or formica products, through coating and impregnating process.

Sack Kraft Paper
Sack Kraft Paper is a paper which is usually for cement bag, sugar bag, coal bag, etc. This paper required high bursting strength, tensile and flexibility. Provided within 3 types of Sack Kraft Paper: Clupax, Semi Clupax and Regular.

Gummed Tape Paper
Generally used in plywood industries. The function of this paper is to cover small damages on a wood surface.

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