Bank Note Paper

As the consequence of mastering security paper making technology, Pura’s papermaking development has progressed to the Banknote paper technology.

Besides producing Banknote Paper, Pura can also offer Banknote Paper Mill Turnkey Project, including the hardware and software. The software is completely designed by Pura, such as Computerized Control System for Stock Preparation and paper Machine, comprising: Freeness, Consistency, Synchronization, Tension, Level Control, Slurry Flow, etc. While other control system equipment such as grammage, thickness, moisture content are imported but being installed by Pura.

The hardware such as machinery design is also conducted 100% by Pura while most of the machinery such as Cotton Pulp Preparation, Stock Preparation, Parts of Paper Machines, Waste Water Treatment, Piping and Electronic Control Equipment, Electric Power Distribution, Peripherals, etc. are even constructed by Pura.

Pura fully conducts the Project Planning and Execution, such as machinery installation, commissioning, production trial, etc. Banknote Paper Machines are custom designed and its very effective. With the same performance, it is 40-50% less expensive than Banknote Paper Mill Project offered by European companies.

Banknote Paper Mills are almost available in every leading developed countries but Pura stands not only as Banknote Paper producer but also has capabilities to offer Banknote Paper Mill Turnkey Project: the one and only in South East Asia and its surroundings, including Taiwan and Korea. A rare and unique condition.

Pura is also the first private company has the Government license in security and Banknote Paper production in South East Asia.

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