Security Hot Stamping Foil

Hot stamping is one example of hologram application that permanently applied the factors of pressure, time, and heat. Once the hologram is applied, it cannot be removed and final security is held permanently.

Hot stamping technique can be packed with security features such as: Microtext, Filtered Image, Hidden Image, Finger Print, Intentional Error, Fractal Effect, Demetalizing, Sensitizing.

Hologram Hot Stamping:

  1. Stamping Spot
    The shape of hologram that glued on the media physically can be recognized as spot (square, peripheral, oval, and many other shapes), a place where the media being placed on can be shaped either in one piece or in roll.

    Sticked or glued Hologram:
    1. Individual Design
      One design for one attachment or it called hot stamping individual design.
    2. Continuous Design
      Hologram is attached randomly and one design only that remains intact, it may called hot stamping continuous design.
  2. Stamping in Reel
    This type of Hologram has its shaped stripe-like to put at all over the media, which is the stripe can be shaped in a sheet or in roll. Hologram hot stamping is widely used as security features at the documents, money, tickets, labels, tax stamps, and packaging, such as :
    1. Security Paper
      Train ticket, cigarette tax stamp, SKPD, certificate of diploma, and many others.
    2. Paper, we apply it onto NOKIA warranty card, IGUANA hang tag, SAMPOERNA and SANBE label.
    3. Polycello, widely used on TAY PIN SAN traditional medicine sachet, HIO HARUM and TANINDO packaging.
    4. OPP Heat seal able, used at BINTANG TOEJOE wrapping.

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