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"PT. Purawisata Baruna" ( ) , is the first Coral commercially-operated cultivation farm in Indonesia as to comply the Natural Preservation especially in Marine Life Preservation wordwide campaign. Established in 2002, "Purawisata Baruna" is a subsidiary of Pura Industrial Group in Indonesia.

Indonesian waters is rich with by sea resources with various and unique species. Unfortunately, it is neglected or being mis-developed. Therefore, comparing to other countries, our sea resources production is not convincing.

This natural resources is a god gift and needs to be well managed and developed for human prosperity and continuous environmental reservation. People takes dominant role in this management because it needs self_awareness, responsibility, vision and imagination for more optimum development result.

Many resources could be developed, but corals take high priority for its potential value or market demand. Corals is well interested Commodities in advanced countries especially in Europe and United States since 30 years ago.

Nowadays, most of corals are taken directly from sea and it is disturbing sea life and natural habitat. In 1994, marine biologist experts started coral culture. This method was not only preventing natural destruction but also developing and making natural habitat unchanging by returning some cultures production back into their own habitat.

Corals population in the world is limited but world demand keeps increasing and it makes high price and well market response for culture production.

PT Pura has Sambangan Island located on Karimunjawa Islands, Jepara Regency, Central Java. Sambangan Island is located near Seruni island and Genting island but isolated from other residenced islands. Sambangan Island has large lagoon with protected coast waters from the sea that become ideal coral and giant clam habitat.


Karimunjawa Island

PT Pura Coral Unit has been conducting coral culture, but giant clam and other sea resources (ornament fishes, grouper, sea cucumber, abalones, gastropodes) are still on research stage. They will be ready for the market on the end of 2008.

That were PT Pura marine resources management by using Sambangan Island potentials. Friendly natural resources management is expected to have uninterrupted and continuous natural habitat.

Coral reef during ebb tide at Sambangan Island Shore “Pantai Koral" Sambangan
Coral reef during ebb tide at Sambangan Island Shore “Pantai Koral" Sambangan


There are many bungalows, diving gears, speed boat and other facilities at Sambangan island, so it’s suitable for marine tourisme too.

Bungalows Helicopter landed at Sambangan Isaland
Bungalows Helicopter landed at Sambangan Island

500 HP speedboat can be rent
500 HP speedboat can be rent