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Founded in 1973 as the leading supplier of packaging products to pharmaceutical industry, Rotogravure Printing and Packaging Division consists of three sub divisions - Multi Layer Packaging, Folding Box & Cigarette Packaging, and Cigarette Tipping Paper.

The operation and manufacturing activities are defined by culture of innovation, which emphasizes on mastering advance technology for quality excellence and added value.


Of the variety of machines we have, the following are several examples:

  • Rotogravure printing machines.
  • Coating and laminating machines (single & tandem extruders, dry laminators, wet laminators, wax laminators).
  • Blown film machines.
  • Slitting machines.
  • Bag making machines
  • Sheet cutting machines.
  • Flat bed and rotary die cutters
  • Folding and gluing machines.
  • Goebel precision slitting machines.
  • State of the art laser micro perforator.
  • Electrostatic micro perforator.
  • Jumbo electrostatic perforator.
  • Roll-to-roll hot stamping machine.
  • Guillotines.