Total Security System

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Pura Total Security System Division (Pura TSS) aims to cope with the escalating threat of counterfeiting and forgery of documents and product packaging. While typical mainstream offerings are confined within a single technology or tactical framework, our solution spans across a diverse range of technologies and schemes in order to ensure that our clients are thoroughly protected with proven tools ahead of the wrongdoers. These include:

  • Security paper and bank note paper.
  • Security system and operating procedure designing. 
  • Security pre-press and security printing.
  • Security ink.
  • Security hologram and hot stamping foil.
  • Engineering and security application machines. 

Considering the sensitive nature of security printing, a special attention is given to our operational activities. Specifically, a set of strict, international standard procedures must be followed in personnel recruitment, production flow, and physical security of the facilities.

In accordance the value of continuous improvement, our activities are driven by concerted research and development. Combined with the synergy achieved from seamless interconnectivity of input preparation, distribution channel, production process, and product finishing, Pura TSS are strongly in place as the ideal partner for state-the-art, comprehensive security solutions, driven by the credo of ‘prevention and anticipation’.