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Styrofoam or Polystyrene is commonly used as raw material of protection mold for food and electronic appliances against shock and impact during distribution. In fact, Styrofoam is hazardous for health and even worse, it’s not environment friendly.

Styrofoam is processed from styrene granules and benzene, belongs to carsinogenic category, the main source of cancer. Styrofoam is also non degradable by nature.

Commitment of Pura Ecology
Utilization of Styrofoam shoul dbe restricted owing to its harmful effect to the eco system balance. This commitment has inspired Pura Group, especially Pura Ecology Division as moral obligation to create environment friendly products. Based on Go Green and Eco Friendly campaigns, Pura Ecology offers Paper Molded products as replacement to Styrofoam. 

Pura Ecology specializes in environment-friendly packaging by using 100% recyclable Paper Pulp as its raw material. Pura Ecology offers Ecopack, innovative and environment-friendly packaging that provides best protection during delivery. Besides molded pulp packaging production, Pura Ecology also produces Disposable One-way Paper Pallet.