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Packaging is one of the most essential point of a products since packaging is not only to protect the product but the more important is how the packaging can be the part of the message, create image and value, product differentiation and then finally can boost the sales
and market share. For achieving those purposes, we, Pura – Metallizing, provide high quality materials for your packaging need as follow:

  • Hologram Paper Board
  • Metallized Paper Board
  • Aluminum Paper Board
  • Metallized Film Laminated

Metallizing Division used to be one of Pura Group Supporting unit for printing Division and it is now becoming a very prospective one since it has successfully enlarged the market share for both domestic and international market.

With our competent personnel and precision machines, we can assure high quality as well as the environmentally friendly nature of our products. The International Quality Standard ISO 9002 was achieved in 1999. So if you realize that eye catching of packaging is a part of
message, you are exactly right to use our products.