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In the early day, Pura Barutama Engineering Division is only serving the making of parts and recondition of machines for Printing and Converting for their own Group. After seeing the opportunity beyond their own group, in 1990 Engineering Division begin to receive job form the other company, and they also export machineries to foreign country.

Initially, Pura Engineering Division focused on manufacturing and reconditioning of printing & converting machines and parts. Then in 1990, we ventured into international market by exporting our machines to foreign country, before expanding to Agricultural Machines, Fish Cooler, Parts & Machines, and Energy Generators.

As the first company in Southeast Asia with palm oil-mill optimization and sterilization, as well as paper mill-wastewater treatment, we have attained the highest recognition in agriculture technology application from the Government of Republic of Indonesia.

Our products come with pre-sales and after-sales services, as well as trainings in operation, maintenance, efficiency, and cost management.

Not less importantly, in order to prevent human error along the production line, our process is equipped with automation system. With manual labor significantly reduced, workers are able to work more efficiently and effectively in a safe environment.