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Pura In Brief

When it was established in 1908 as a small printing shop, Pura Group (the Company) operated with not more than 8 employees. Today, the Company has grown to be one of the most respected names in printing & packaging industry across Southeast Asia. Indeed, after decades of gradual but clearly focused expansion, the Company has attained the status of a vertically integrated group of divisions / business units, concentrating on the following lines of business:

  • Anti Counterfeiting.
  • Security & Banknote Paper Making.
  • Paper & Film Converting.
  • Printing & Packaging.
  • Smart Identification Technologies.
  • Engineering.

In 1970 Pura Group achieved a historical milestone with the new leadership of the third generation – Jacobus Busono. By then, it was an offset printing shop with 35 employees.

Under the professional leadership of proven management team and with the synergy of more than 8500 employees, the Company is growing extensively to penetrate new markets – domestic and overseas.

The key strength of Pura Group lies in its complete lineup of products and robust manufacturing base of more 25 production divisions, on a 65-hectare plus base.

The Company is headquartered in Kudus, about 50 kilometers east of Semarang, Indonesia.

Pura Group

Over the years, Pura Group has grown to be an integrated group of companies consisting of printing, packaging, papermaking, converting, engineering, anti counterfeiting, and electronic card & labeling technologies businesses. Thanks to the constant innovation and hard work of our dedicated employees, we are now in the lead of the expanding and ubiquitously comprehensive printing & packaging industry across Southeast Asia.

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Creating Value Through Innovation

Our culture is defined by ongoing innovation and breakthrough conception. The driving force behind the projects pursued throughout the entire organization, this culture is Pura corporate culture – one that is at the core of our business philosophy.

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