Supporting Facility


Transportation Division is supporting division for Pura Group which consists of 3 integrated divisions:

  1. Land Transportation Division
  2. Sea Transportation Division
  3. Air Transportation Division
In its service, Land Transportation Division has 4 Department as follows:
  1. Truck Department
  2. Car and Luxury Car Department
  3. Technical Department
  4. Warehouse - Branch (in Bekasi, West Java and Gresik, East Java )

Truck Department serves Pura’s products shipment to our customer and from supplier to Pura Group, Kudus. We use our own internal trucks and manage other external trucks to cover all shipment. This department ensures on time delivery of our products and from our supplier.

Car and Luxury Car Department serves internal car usage for employee and many other VIP and VVIP guests in Pura Group. Our dedicated drivers and well maintained cars ensure the convenience and safety of our users.

Technical Department has 4 kinds of service units: car technical service, truck technical service, forklift technical service, and special technical service unit. This department ensures a well maintained of all Pura’s vehicles.

Warehouse - Branch in Gresik and Bekasi support our product shipment in East and West Java. It ensures the on time shipment to our customer.

Sea transportation division provides luxury service from our speedboats, luxury twin-hull catamaran.

“Powerful outside and luxury inside” ensures the passenger to have unforgettable moment while on board.

Our Air Transportation Division has rotary wing (helicopter) and fixed wing units to serve all internal usage, VIP/VVIP company guests and commercial usage.

A well maintained units combine with our dedicated pilots and technician provide safety and comfortable trip.

For commercial services, we provide spot charter, photo flight and medical evacuation (medivac).


SN53932083.jpg Catamaran
Embraer Phenom 300 Seed Boat
Car Trailer






Pura Group

Over the years, Pura Group has grown to be an integrated group of companies consisting of printing, packaging, papermaking, converting, engineering, anti counterfeiting, and electronic card & labeling technologies businesses. Thanks to the constant innovation and hard work of our dedicated employees, we are now in the lead of the expanding and ubiquitously comprehensive printing & packaging industry across Southeast Asia.

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Our culture is defined by ongoing innovation and breakthrough conception. The driving force behind the projects pursued throughout the entire organization, this culture is Pura corporate culture – one that is at the core of our business philosophy.

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