Supporting Facility

Power Plant

A vital element of the production process, our power generator is based on ‘co-gen’ installation capable of generating 2 x 7.5 MW of electricity and 26 tons of steam gas per hour simultaneously. It consists of 1 water treatment set, 3 steam boilers, 2 turbines, 2 generators/ transformers, and a computer-based control system.
To reduce carbon emission, the system has been modified so that it is now run by bio-mass (husk, saw dust, etc.) and coal mix, instead of pure coal. Moreover, the chimney is equipped with electrostatic precipitator to reduce the smoke.
And in order to save water reserve, waste water from the turbine has been put to good use.
In general, the working of the power generator is as follows:

  1. Water goes through filtration steps - starting from disc filter, ultra filtration, to reverse osmosis – for use by the boiler and turbine condenser.
  2. The purified water is boiled with steam boiler to generate hot steam with 35–39 kg/cm² pressure and 425°C temperature.
  3. The steam flows to the turbine and rotates the blades to 3000 rpm.
  4. The turbine runs simultaneously with power generator to produce 7.5 Mw in 10.5 Kv of power.
  5. The voltage is boosted to 20 Kv by a step-up transformer, matching PLN voltage level.
  6. Steam for paper mill is produced by turbine extraction.

Pura Group

Over the years, Pura Group has grown to be an integrated group of companies consisting of printing, packaging, papermaking, converting, engineering, anti counterfeiting, and electronic card & labeling technologies businesses. Thanks to the constant innovation and hard work of our dedicated employees, we are now in the lead of the expanding and ubiquitously comprehensive printing & packaging industry across Southeast Asia.

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Creating Value Through Innovation

Our culture is defined by ongoing innovation and breakthrough conception. The driving force behind the projects pursued throughout the entire organization, this culture is Pura corporate culture – one that is at the core of our business philosophy.

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