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Management Information System

Pura determined the information acceleration and accuracy in an excellent decision making with Management Information System (MIS) unit. Pura MIS established to provide total information technology solution. With hi-tech Information Technology hardware and human resource expertise, Pura MIS developing application software installed internally in almost all Pura facilities for supporting technical production or administration process. Pura expertise is also applied in several external projects, commercially.

Management Information System( MIS ) is a supporting division Information Technology ( hardware & software ) and communication.

Scope of work :

A. Internal Project

Developing / creating application software for production or administration process in Pura Group Internally.

  1. Wireless Communication System
    An intranet data and voice communication network system provides connection between Pura Group head office and other divisions using wavelan in 2.4 Ghz frequency.

  2. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
    Providing data and voice communication network system between Pura Group in Kudus and its branch offices in Jakarta and Surabaya via Lease Channel.

  3. Attendance Barcode
    An attendance system using barcodes as data input. This attendance system / machine AR-3500 receives barcode data attached on each Pura Group employees ID card and can be integrated into payroll system.

  4. Offset Information System
    This system was developed to support production administration process in offset printing unit.

  5. Financial Information System ( SAKTI ) for Finance Department
    SAKTI enables integrated, fast, easy, and secure information exchange between Pura Group finance department and its divisions.

  6. Production Information System (Sisipro) for Total Security System (TSS) Unit
    To increase administration efficiency of TSS production unit. SISIPRO – TSS has unique characteristics containing only administration features of TSS unit.

  7. Intermart Web
    Intermart is a specially designed intranet web as database, news, personal agenda, and performance review of International Marketing Division. Intermart can also be accessed via phone cell / HP using GPRS – WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technology.

    This intermart web can be accessed by all personnel of International Marketing Division at different levels of security.

B. External Project

  1. LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
    A laboratory information management system informs and updates the laboratory activity (from data entry up to reporting and trending), implemented in Pertamina UP IV Cilacap.

    LIMS consists of 2 applications (desktop and web application).
    • Desktop Application.

    • Web Application.

  2. Standardized Citizen ID Card ( KTP )
    This system can fulfil the printing and reporting requirement in accordance to the regulation made by Ministry of Internal Affairs, starting from registration up to ID card printing. The system has been implemented in Rembang regency.

  3. M onitoring system for duty label Tobacco Products
    For monitoring duty label paper production, a joint operartion between Padalarang Paper MilL, Pura Group, Peruri and Directorate General of Customs and Excise.

  4. Customer Service via Short Message Service 9900 for Soekarno Hatta International Airport
    SMS Customer Service program for Soekarno Hatta International Airport represents cooperation between MIS division of PT Pura Barutama with PT. Angkasa Pura II Office of Branch of Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

    SMS Service covers air transport information problem report in form of air transport status and schedule from and to Soekarno Hatta International Airport, various facilities and services provided by Soekarno Hatta International Airport, including problems with airport taxis. MIS cooperates with two biggest operators in Indonesia Telkomsel and Indosat with SMS service number 9900.

    SMS Schema

    SMS Application

C. Qualification
In developing application MIS uses these following softwares:

  1. Desktop application
    • Visual Basic
    • Delphi
    • Visual C++
    • Visual Fox pro
    • Power Builder
    • Assembler
    • Java
  2. Website Application
    1. Graphic and Animation
      • Macromedia Flash
      • Macromedia Firework
      • Photoshop
      • Swish
    2. Programming Language
      • ASP/ PHP / JSP
      • CGI/ Perl
      • CSS/DHTML
      • HTML/XML
      • Java
      • Java Script
  3. Database Server (RDBMS)
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • SyBase
  4. Linux
    • RedHat
    • Debian
    • Suse
    • Slackware
    • Mandrake
    • Ubuntu
  5. Novell Netware

D. Appreciation
Certificate of Compliment from Pertamina Cilacap for the successful implementation of LIMS.

E. Copyright

  1. Invention Registration Letter of “PHOTO RASTER”, 01 July 1998 .
  2. Invention Registration Letter of “FILTER IMAGE”, 01 December 1998 .
  3. Invention Registration Letter of “SPECIAL CHARACTER”, 01 June 2000 .
  4. Brand Certificate of “AR-3500” attendance system, 25 february 2002.


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